Rosa, 18, Quadra island/NFA, shitty tattoos, folk punk! misanthropic, apathetic as fuck, trains, hitchhiking, books and booze


everything good makes you fat an addict or broke

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skinnygorilla asked: i wish i had someone cool like you to travel with!


nah dude i suck and would drink all your booze and i cant even play a instrument

hear-me-drone asked: Sounds like you're on the struggle bus


with a one way ticket to hell

i wish everyone saw me trying to hitch out of tofino today, i was a pretty sad sight i must say. so last night i was all drunk ass and flailed my boots in the woods then it poured rain all night and the next morning when i located my boos they were just done, so i said fuck it why not barefoot, but then i stepped on a huge shard of glass and so im limping everywhere and my dog head buts my lip and my lip ring spilts it open so im bleeding and look like i got punched in the face and limping along the highway then were there for like 4 hours so we say why not do the rest of the mdma, and then im just completely mangled ad end of story never getting out of tofino here i am forever

hitchhiking and some guy gave us a tuna fish. like literally a huge as dead fish. and also four beers but really all i can think about is that tuna. then some old acid heads picked us up and we pawned it off on them.

my dog wants ur drugs

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